Red Flags to Consider in Software Engineering Interviews

There is probably nothing more frustrating than investing a huge amount of time interviewing for a company to realize that the offer you got is either far from what you expected, or even worse, after joining the joining the company you discover that it’s actually not a good fit at all.

To minimize the risk of being in such a situation, I collected a list of what many software engineers might consider as red flags, to help when evaluating a company while interviewing:

  1. Chaotic & messy process: the structure of the interview is not clear or keeps changing.
  2. Lack of diversity in the company.
  3. Not meeting the members of the team.
  4. A ridiculously-long take-home test. A friend once received a test that requires like two weeks of coding. Pretty much building a complete mini e-commerce store from scratch.
  5. Rude or unprofessional attitude.

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