List of Physical Offsite Ideas for Software Teams

This is a list I’m maintaining for physical offsite ideas for software engineering teams to gather and have fun together. The links in this list point to locations or places in Berlin, but it can also work as inspirational for other teams living elsewhere in the world.

  1. Urban Axe Throwing, e.g. Woodcutter.
  2. Virtual Reality Arcade.
  3. Group cooking event, such as this one from Kochbox, or this one from Pastamadre.
  4. Laser Tag.
  5. WhatAGame. Basically people will be split into teams and will play different games.
  6. Escape room, such as this outdoor escape room game.
  7. Curling, e.g this one.
  8. Shuffleboard.
  9. Pottery workshop, such as this one.
  10. Bowling.

If you think I missed another fun idea, please drop me a comment below to keep this list useful to us all!

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