List of Developer Conferences in Berlin 2022

I’m maintaining a list of interesting developer conferences that are happening in Berlin in 2022 for which you may wanna visit:

  • PyCon DE (11. April – 13. April)
  • AWS Summit Berlin (May 11-12, 2022): “Bringing technologists together to connect, collaborate, and learn about AWS”.
  • OpenInfra Summit Berlin (June 7-9, 2022): “Collaborate directly with the people building and running open source infrastructure using OpenStack, Kubernetes and 30+ other technologies.”
  • BERLIN BUZZWORDS (12-14 June 2022): “Germany’s most exciting conference on storing, processing, streaming and searching large amounts of digital data, with a focus on open source software projects”.
  • WeAreDevelopers World Congress (14-15 June): “the best place to get a complete overview of recent insights and future trends in modern software development”.
  • DecOpsCon (June 20 – 23): “The Conference for Continuous Delivery, Microservices, Containers, Cloud & Lean Business”.
  • droidcon Berlin (July 6th – 8th): “the largest Android developer community in the world”.
  • Stackconf (JULY 19 – 20, 2022): “The Open Source Infrastructure Conference”.
  • GopherCon Europe Year 5 (Jul 28-31)
  • DATA NATIVES (AUGUST 31 – SEPTEMBER 2): “Europe’s Biggest Data Science And Ai Event”.
  • beyond tellerrand (01 – 02 Sep 2022): “the affordable single-track event where creativity and technology meet”.
  • gamesweekberlin (September 16 to 18): “festival for video game fans of all ages” … more of a fun event than a dev conference!
  • Devopsdays Berlin (SEPTEMBER 21 – 22)
  • Deep Learning World (October 5-6, 2022): “Mastering the deep learning toolbox”.
  • BSides Berlin FREE (15 October): “A community-driven information security conference and community”.
  • serverless-architecture (October 17 – 19): “Mastering Cloud Native Architectures, the Kubernetes Ecosystem and Functions”.
  • JavaScript Days (October 17 – 20, 2022): “The big training events for JavaScript, Angular, React and HTML & CSS”
  • Agile Testing Days (Nov. 21 – 24, 2022): “Get deep insights in testing & agile excellence”.

If I’m missing an important event/conference and you think it belongs to the list, I would really appreciate it if you leave me a comment below so I can add it. Thank you for your help!

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