Lessons From a Staff Engineer at Squarespace

Lessons from Dan Na, a Staff Engineer at Squarespace:

  • Meeting with different teams and stakeholders should aim to validate that your team’s plans are aligned with the most important initiatives/goals in the company.
  • Being a staff-plus engineer means being an engineering leader. You are responsible for engineering output, as well as the engineering culture.
  • The best way to build empathy is to try to be in the same seat as the other person. So if you are a developer and you often notice tension between developers and product managers in your org, then take the role of a product manager for a while to build that empathy and then then you can try to resolve the tension.

These are key takeaways, highlights or “learnings” that I captured while reading the book Staff Engineer by Will Larson. You can read the full article here. The above takeaways are by far not a complete summary, but rather my personal highlights or understanding (which can be wrong) and thus do not capture all the wisdom in the original article, so you should read the full article to form your own view & understanding.

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